Manu – The Father Of Mankind

Manu – The Father Of Mankind

Image credits – vimanikacomics In Hindu scriptures, Manu is the first person to appear in the world after each era after universal destruction. ‘MANU’ is the root of the Sanskrit word ‘Manushya’ and the English ‘Man’ that is originally derived from the Germanic ‘Mannus’ that comes from the same root as Manu.

India’s oldest surviving people

Origin and Genetics of the Dravidians (video by clickhere)

What are the origins and genetic history of the Dravidians, India’s oldest surviving people? Though a touchy subject, the history of the continent has always been one of migration, assimilation and conquest, and the genetic history of Southern India and all of South Asia is possibly more complicated than any other region. Putting aside political controversies, today we will look at the real history of the Dravidians, their relation to the surrounding groups such as the Indo-Aryans, natives of Southeast Asia and the much older groups of Adivasis and Veddas still scattered in the interior. Thanks for watching! Sources:………………

evolution of mankind

The Evolution Of Humans | Science Full Documentary